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Dampening roller for Continuous dampening system

Product Features
HW A dampenig roller desigened for Oil-based inks including Eco ink such as Vegetable Oil-based inks. Stable and uniform water supply width will continue for a long time.

Dual purpose dampening roller for UV & Conventional inks (Special Resin base)

Product Features
Avant W Enables stable printing quality due to very even water width by its excellent hydrophilic property. It is highly resistant to inks and strong roller washes.

Ink ductor roller for Web offset

Product Features
WBD Enables long life due to its excellent surface strength and shock absorption property. It prevents common problems such as cracking and breaking on the roller sides.

High performance UV inking roller

Product Features
Avant UV Having excellent ink transferability, resistance to deterioration and UV ink and Easy-to-clean property, Avant UV improves the printing quality and also reduces the maintenance time.

Long life, High quality inking roller

Product Features
EcoMax Excellent stability to quick-set ink, resistance to vegetable-based ink, resistance to strong roller wash and high rubber strength, which improves the printing quality with extended lifetime of the rubber rollers.

Dampening roller for Newspaper printing

Product Features
NPW50 Successfully minimizes aging of rollers with the unique double layered structure; therefore operators do not need to adjust nip-width often.
Excellent anti-fixing performance (dust and ink contaminant), offering a high quality printing stability and saving of waste papers.

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Hard and High friction rubber roller

Product Features
Tough Cell Having high frictional properties with the cells on the rubber surface, Tough Cell offers excellent feeding performance which also prevents scratches on the substrate that are often caused by slipping.
Tough Cell also has high abrasion resistance and oil resistance.

Sticky roller for dust removal (Light-colored and Antistatic)

Product Features
EC Cleaner A light colored sticky cleaner roller with a new antistatic technology that uses no Carbon Black for removing dust and contamination.

Abrasion resistant, non-sticking Silicone roller

Product Features
N900AR Excellent non-sticking property with better abrasion resistance compared to the conventional silicone. Extended lifetime of the roller can be expected.

Handy type, Cleaner roller

Product Features
Micro Dust Catcher Micro Dust Catcher, having moderate stickiness and softness, removes the dust and contamination without damaging the substrate.
It also has antistatic property which reduces static problems.
MC-PAD Adhesive sheet for cleaning Micro Dust Catcher ECS and ECP.
Dust on Micro Dust Catcher will completely transfer to MC-PAD.

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Anti-glazing & roller wash for both UV and Conventional inking rollers

Product Features
Royal Clean UV Plus Excellent roller cleaning performance especially for UV inks, which also prevents glazing.
It has no harmful effect on rubber and metal rollers which enables stable printing quality for a long period.

Roller wash for Cleaner Rollers

Product Features
Eco Cleaner Excellent cleaning performance and quick-drying property, which improves the efficiency of roller cleaning jobs.
Eco Cleaner can be used for all kinds of Cleaner Rollers.

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New Product
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