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HW Series

Continuous dampening roller for Conventional and Eco-friendly Inks


  1. Highly resistant to Eco-friendly Inks such as Vegetable oil-based inks. Therefore, dimensional and hardness changes are minimal, which enables long life.
  2. No need of water dial adjustment from morning till afternoon because it can maintain its stable water supply property for a long time. Also, HW can absorb the bouncing against the plate cylinder when used as water form rollers.
  3. Excellent hydrophilicity, which enables uniform film width of the water.

* Hardness(Shore A) : 20 ・ 25 ・ 30
* Color : Violet

Caution for use

Caution for installation

1. Do not touch the rubber with dirty hands since oil and grease will be the cause of ink pile.
2. Use dampening roller cleaner [NEW MATICLEAN ECO] before running.

* Do not clean the rubber with chlorinated solvents and polar solvents such as ketone.

How to maintenance

  1. Use the automatic washer for water form rollers as well when changing colors.
    Make sure the solvent does not mix into the water pan.
    For water metering rollers, wash manually with [NEW MATICLEAN ECO] . Apply [NEW MATICLEAN ECO] on a cloth and wipe the roller until the ink is completely cleaned.
    Wipe off the solvent with a dry cloth for finishing. If the ink does not come off easily, use a normal ink roller wash first and then use [NEW MATICLEAN ECO] .
  2. We recommend cleanings at least 3 times a day ( around noon, early-evening and after the job ) .
  3. Special color inks such as gold, silver, fluorescent, UV tend to pile-up on rollers easily and are difficult to come off. Therefore, repeat the cleaning process several times.

* Do not clean the rubber with polar solvents such as MEK or chlorinated solvents such as Trichloroethylene.

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